Sunday, September 19, 2004

went to town to get my hp repaired. what could be worst by bringing the wrong warrenty card along, only to realise it after waiting 15mins at the queue, and the next number in line is me?

stupid me.

i brought along the warrenty card for my bluetooth headset, which has the same looking warrenty card as my hp. arrrghhh!! i even reminded myself not to bring the wrong warrenty card, which in the end i still did. no choice has to go home and bring the warrenty card again.

spent 2 hrs walking up and down orchard trying to find something nice to wear but nothing really caught my attention. seriously, nowadays i feel that spending $60 for a t-shirt is way too much, although i own 2 pieces of that particular brand. well... perhaps i'll get it if i still cannot find any nice looking clothes to replenish my aging wardrobe...

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