Tuesday, September 21, 2004

i'm busy editing my drawings when one of my colleagues (a female) shout aloud to another colleague (also female):

"hey! u know hor we got a new girl at the other office..."

paused for 3 seconds.

i and my other colleague (a male) turn our heads and "ta-da"!! we were accused of being tiko! why? just because we turned our heads when we overheard that there was a new girl? to me, its the pause that prompted me to turn my head as i'm wondering why my colleague did not carry on from where she stops. but obviously she thinks that i and my other colleague are tiko...


ok.. that is just a prelude to what i'm gonna say today, and that it about...

are guys visual creatures? superficial?

i admit that myself (and probably MOST if not ALL guys) are visual creatures. from the very very old chinese history we can see that the doom of many heros was not due to their stupidity or they kenna betrayed by someone, but its due to women, and these women were usually beautiful, as described by most historic accounts. in addition, there were the "4 most beautiful women" in chinese history but why aren't there the "4 most yandaos"? i believe the above 4 were selected by guys instead of gals (unless the gals are lesbians) so once again, this is a good indication and prove that guys are visual creatures. so gals, if any guys tell u that they dun mind looks they are just devils trying to be holy... and if their nose can be like pinocchio they will probably be able to pluck coconuts without lifting a finger.. just their nose will do the job.

well.. i'm not trying to condemn all my counterparts, including myself, that we guys are simply so hollow and superficial. but what i've stated above is a fact, but of course that is not the whole story. looks are important to many guys, because that is the first thing that a guy notices in a gal, and that is the first attraction that push the guy to wana know more about the gal. however, at the end of the day, its the gal's personality and person as a whole that will probably be the longer lasting attraction. but to get to the 2nd stage, guys need to overcome the 1st stage ... which i dunno how many actually do that...

on the other hand, why do gals wana look pretty? isn't one of the main reasons is to look more attractive to guys?

so its actually a 2 way thing... when there is demand, there is supply... adam smith's invisible hand at work..

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