Monday, September 27, 2004

i hate talking about topics about race but i have to say this out.

talking about racist, its damn obvious in my company.

my assistant manager (AM) is an indian national turned singapore PR. from my colleagues that when he held on that post, he hired a mechanical engineer, also an indian national turned PR. what make them gossip was that he has no prior experience in high voltage side yet he (the AM) hired him.

next, when i started work, i got another colleague who joined me on the same day. she was AGAIN, an indian national turned PR. she attracted MORE gossip as he studied electronics back in india and when her previous job was adminstration in NUS. again, she has absoultely no experience in such area. although she was on a 6 months contract, we all are wondering why she was offered the job in the first place. aren't there enough power engineers in singapore? each year about 50 power engineers were produced in ntu alone and i'm confident that the supply is more than the demand, so why is there a need to hire someone who has no experience, somemore did not study the related discipline?

if that is not enough to show racism, here is another one.

recently one of the QC guy, a local singaporean chinese was transferred to another department. his position is actually just a testing assistant. after he left, ANOTHER (F**K) indian national was hired! WTF! somemore he was "flown in" yesterday, and even the indian mechanical engineer go to the airport to pick him up. singapore has no trained electricians? singapore has no trained local indian electricians? why we need to direct import? isn't all these conspiracy? u are trying to say that our ITE are not up to standard so you need to import electricians directly from india?

fucking conspiracy!

hiring 3 indian nationals in one straight row? are all singaporeans dead or what?!

all my other colleagues, including malays, feel the same way as i do. yes.. its all a fucking conspiracy...

let me re-emphasis again that i'm not against indian. i got many indian friends who are really friendly and kind. but what i wana say is that those foreign imports are really killing us by helping people of their own country!! so for all of you singaporeans, no matter what race you are, chinese, malay, indian, dun racist among fellow singaporeans... its those foreign people that we should really put our guard against. if we still carry on to kill ourselves, all of us will be wiped out by those foreign imports one day...

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