Sunday, September 26, 2004

2 things made my day.

went suntan in the morning. been quite sometime since i enjoyed getting close with the sun as the weather has not been very good.. or i'll say its unpredictable for the last few weeks so whenever i wana go the clouds are loomy with the possiblility of breaking up in tears any moment. actually today also the same. when i reached jurong east mrt, half the sky was pitch black. i was telling myself that its another wrong day to go suntan. wats worst was that my hp hanged for nearly 10 mins. i'm in a delimma as to whether to turn back home to take my warrenty card (again) and go to the repair centre or to press on.

luckily i did press on, its sunny at sentosa!

ok.. if u missed the above u didn't missed the morale of the story yet.. haha..

ok.. after lying under the hot sun for more than an hour, i began to feel that my body was getting unbearable to the heat. furthermore, my water bottle was empty. my fairy god mother must have known that i'm suffering and at this moment, a malay man, who was with his family and they were stationed just a few steps away from me, offered me ice cold water! i was sooooo touched! they were packing up and probably he noticed that my water bottle was empty so he decided to make the left over water to good use... in the process he kept on assuring me that the water was clean, boiled before, etc... seriously lah, as long as dun tell me its direct from the sea i'll drink it, since i always drink directly from tap anyway...

that was the first thing that made my day.

when i reached harhour from bus terminal, i decided to have my meal at the hawker centre nearby. just before i finished eating, an elderly couple, probably in their early 70s, sat at a table adjacent to me. they ordered a plate of fried hokkien mee and fried oyster. they were sharing their food! how sweet! and it seems to me that they enjoy doing that... how nice... anyway its the first time i seen an elderly couple doing that, at least my grandparents dun do that since i was very very young... now they also dun do that...

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