Friday, December 19, 2003

next 2 weeks will be kinda bz for me...

IPPT... shitzzz.... i dunno if i can get my $200 pocket money from SAF anot... not much training.. juz wana meet the min. requirement for the silver standard....

1) jap lesson. another stressful thing. kinda forget everything that i learnt for the past 4 mths.. OMG! i've been trying the past few days to refresh my tiny brain but things are not going the way i wanted.. should i drop out from it instead?
2) auntie house warming..

1) work. yup... i'm going to work again starting from 22 dec to 4 jan. 2 weeks to be exact. wat worry me is not realli the work but how to have time for my project in school. realli hope that my tutor and boss are understanding enough..
2) release of exam results. i'm kinda terrified by it now. my roomate juz got his results yesterday and he did not do very well. i'm realli afraid to suffer the same fate as him...

from left: look at what he eats? its a x'mas candy cane! & dun he look like a rock star with that pose, with the candy cane as his "guitar"? lol! i luv~~~ this pic! he is soooooo cute! =)

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