Saturday, December 20, 2003

first time i run in the rain for my IPPT... and its really damn heavy the rain as i have to constantly wipe off the rain from my face if not i almost cannot see wat is infront of me! see how bad is it? and not forgetting its damn COLD running in the rain! guess tat the conducting officer dun wana disappoint us since most of us can meet the requirement for passing for our static stations. if he cancel this round, all the results for the static stations will be void and we have to redo everything again... and not all of us have the time to do it, esp those who are working. i'm glad that he let us run anyway. its realli an experience. this is the hardest earned $ for my IPPT in 3 years. although i did not meet the standard tat i set for myself but at least i managed to get silver and most importantly my $$$! $_____$ btw next year i'll be CAT Y! haha! woooo~~!!

exam results were released today instead of tue. i'm very happy with my performance as i did better than i expected for myself. the heavy burden in my heart can finally be put down. nah... i'm not going to announce my results here. i dun wana compare with anyone as its no point comparing. after suffering so many setbacks in my exam results i always live by this moto:

"10 years down the road nobody is going to ask u wat u did for your examinations, so wat for compare?"

i hate comparisons, esp those with ill-intentions. ok i admit that maybe is bec i always did not do well in my exams so i hate pple comparing with mine. so u compare to make urself feel better that someone did as poor as u? or u look down on others? i will take this as an encouragement for me to work even harder in the coming semester so as to achieve even better results! =)

today, i'm a happy man! =)

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