Monday, December 29, 2003

guess i'm a walking flu virus now. i juz cant stop sneezing and releasing some "green slimy liquid" that people may juz mistaken it as glue if i collect enough in a bottle. o.O i believe "it" is a good alternative to glue as "it" sticks papers well, from the evidence that "it" stick my tissure papers real tight! also feeling abit feverish for the past 2 days but it seems that it is under control from my regular dosages of the all-time favorite panadols. hmmm.... *ahhhh cheeeeeew*

hmmm... i need to change my layout also since x'mas is over.... *rubba chin*

yah...later still got BBQ... dunno if i can survive after eating all the yummy chicky wings, hot dogs, satay, sotong balls, ....

i think i need a MC for tomolo.... o.O

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