Tuesday, December 30, 2003

dunno if last night BBQ got do me any harm than good anot. i think i did not eat much. realli! this is one of the few occasions that i eat realli little. not that i dun wana eat but more of like i no chance to eat. usually in a BBQ there is one or two kind soul who like BBQ so much that he (usually males) will do the BBQ for all to eat but tat is exception last night. not only there is no chef, i also dun realli have a chance to cook some food for myself as the pit is always fully used by the others... by the time i see the people disappearing from the pit, another "family" was there and i dun realli know how i shld go abt making food for myself... so instead i had about 4 packs of drinks to make up for my food lost... the bill is even more alarming... $14/pax for those who are not staying overnite. at least a few of my friends feel that the charges is too high, esp we have got about 30 people around... and i dun realli see why it is so ex.... (btw 30x$14 = $420 ---> u mean the food cost $420?) hmmm... so the good is that i eat little so my throat is not tat badly affected and the bad is that it does harm to my already worned out wallet...

guess the best is the beer session... it will be even better if it started earlier and lasted longer... another chance maybe....? (juz in case u are wondering so i'll juz inform u that beer is not provided as part of the BBQ, its external)

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