Sunday, November 09, 2003

stupid NEL and EZ-link

stupid NEL and EZ-link

after reading numerous articles and reports and public voices regarding the increase in cost of EZ-link card to $5 a card (non-refundable) as well as the NEL thing i'm very disappointed and angry!!

once again after the failure of NEL, the public is given another shock that the EZ-link company is not making money and hence price of the EZ-link card has to go up! i realli dunno why is it that it is always us, the public, who gets all the blame when something goes wrong? remember the NEL incident they say they wana go fully driverless because of the public as they want to lower the cost for us. now it is being built and they say they are losing money because we the public did not use them. also they say cost escalate because the high tech stuffs need high cost to maintain. in the first place why use driverless? if dun use driverless i believe the system will be up earlier by at least one to two years and they can start to recover their investment earlier. cost will also be lower....

the EZ-link thing is another classic. the company is complaining that people are buying too many cards and not using. WTF!! now then u say this! u stupid company why don't you set a rule earlier that each of us can only have ONE card? or u set the price for the first card to be cheap but the 2nd one at slightly above cost price to defer people from buying the 2nd card? by doing so you make sure that all of us have one card and you won't lose out if you sell another card as you still earn that little bit of money! is the whole company so dumb that you need me, a going to be electrical engineer (not an accountant nor business student) to teach you that? how can you because of your stupidity and lousy calculations that want us, the public again, to clean up ur backside after u shitted all over the place and mess the whole place up? want us to pay up the difference bec you are losing $$$ is simply unfair to us! nobody ask you to replace the almost perfect magnetic farecard! i've been using the magnetic farecard since primary sch days i think and i feel that its brilliant! i can have 2 cards or more in hand juz in case one decided to call it a day (anyway it seldom fail me only once in a while). why make such a stupid decision and make our life so difficult? why your backside so itchy?

tokking about competition in public transport. nah.... i see NO competition at all. what is competition? competition is only there when i can choose this OR that. come on lah! lets face it! where is the competition in terms of public transport? okie i say only taxi got competition as i can dun take this company one and wait for another company cab. but for MRT and bus can you do that? if i dun take the bus xxx what bus can i take? if i live at punggol and the only method is NEL can i dun take? competition is crappy lah..... there is in fact NO alternative for us to choose. its realli ironic: you say dun wana duplicate the service so that there is no wastage so that cost can be low, yet u say you want competition. no duplication of service then where got competition? no competition then how to keep price and cost low?

i dunno lah... as a tiny winy singaporean.... i guess that is the most i can do to show my displeasure.... will a minister read my post? i doubt so....

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