Sunday, October 19, 2003

my hammie nearly choked to its death juz now! OMG!!!

what happened is that i juz returned to my room and decide to feed my hammie some food so i hand it a few nuts and he happily (i hope so...) snatch them from mi and "hide" them in its mouth. (yah.. hamsters like to store the food at the side of their mouth) then here comes the corn... it took it and bite a few bites (coz maybe its too big for its mouth) and the next thing i know the corn is halfway in its mouth and halfway outside it. at first i find it kinda cute as it looks like a BIG tooth.. but i find it strange.... how come he is staring at mi ... blankly?? i touch him but he has no reactions... i pat him on his back he also no reactions.. i shake him he also no reactions... i see his nose: yup.. its moving... at least i know he is still breathing... i use a spoon to try to toss it and shake it but he dun even move! btw he is standing on top of his house (if u dun know how his house look like scroll below for pic) and i shake him till he fell down from his house onto the floor. muz be the impact of the fall and now then the corn drop off from his mouth and he start to squeak and scream as i carry on to use the spoon to toss him around.... ok... at least now i know he is alrite... coz at least he reacts now...

*phew* he should be grateful that i'm around... if not he will be the first hamster in the world to be choked to it death by a corn! hmmm.... i'm a hero today! =D

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