Sunday, October 12, 2003

finally my jap exam is over! yuppie! aiyo... u all dun know the stress i going thru for this exam.... realli very stressful... takusan takusan stress ne (alot alot of stress)... wanted to give up halfway coz realli find that my basic is not good and as wat gary san says "its like a ever-growing snowball of doubts..." yup... my only drive is that i'll receive a certificate for it as i want to make my effort worth... and i struggled for it. and realli, people, i spent 3 days to study for it. i did not bluff the sensee or u all. however i still dunno my stuff well... haizzzz.... anyway its over... tomolo 11am i'll call up the sch and enquire about my results. if i pass i'll receive a certificate! yuppie! if not... errr..... retest? got lah but i dun think i got time to go for it.... anyway see how lah.... wish mi luck!

yah btw when is the BBQ? i'm looking forward to it! hehe =D

finally another HEAVY burden off my chest... now i can finally concentrate on my exams! 18 days more!

my elementary 2 class (with a few MIA)

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