Saturday, October 11, 2003

celebrated my b'day with a few podders today! yeah thanx pals! thanx for coming! for those who wanted to come but did not come at the last minute due to some personal reasons..... hmmm.... anyway special thanx has to be given to oceanic! hey! realli thanx for the effort and time u put in to gather them together + to look for a nice place to dine in. suppose to give u a hug but... haha.. next time ba... =D remind mi k? *wink*... and joey... i'll not forget my BIG MUACK that u still OWE mi.. *evil grin*

not forgetting the gifts u pple gave mi too! i love the eye cream as it will sure be useful after my exams... as i think i'll be a BIG PANDA soon... =D

guess whats inside?

yeah! aramis eye cream + latcoste fragrance! =D

zara shirt!

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