Wednesday, August 06, 2003

time realli flies when you are occupied. for the past few days have been bz moving my stuffs to my hall. not alot actually, only about 5 bags of stuffs. wanted to bring my beloved pc along initially but decided to get a laptop instead... my roommate is not bad, very friendly person, living with him for the past 3 days under one roof is great as we get to share various common topics, eg NS, studies, political issues, hamsters... yah! i got myself a hamster on monday! realli a very very tamed creature. the previous owner says that its about 5 mths old.. very cute but very timid. when i leave it wondering around on my study table, it will always choose a corner, the same corner always, and will lie down there and sleep! hahaa~ once i left it there sleeping and i went for my nap. guess wat? its still sleeping there when i woke up! one thing bad is that it looks kinda bored living alone... maybe i'll try to source for a companion for him... yup i'll post it's pic soon when i get home to upload to my pc.. =D

WTF!! my counter is not free anymore! kaozzz! i've been using it for so many years and now suddenly it now want to charge $$!! haizzz.... luckily i found an even better counter! =D

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