Saturday, August 09, 2003

happy 38th birthday singapore!
may u have many more good years ahead! =D

these few days have been lazy. did not study much... hmmm maybe i shld say my studying have not been productive. have been spending quite sometime to understand my "electricity utilisation systems". i even go to the extent of borrowing textbook but sadly the textbook is useless. haizzzz.... read the notes also dunno wat is going on. kinda neglected the other subjects. must put in more effort on others liao... *stress*

also sleep quite alot recently. dunno why leh the sleeping bug is back again....

today is national day. so what shld i do today? i've already slept till now for the nation, later i'll go and cook maggie mee and eat for the nation. =D dunno wat to do in the noon/evening. shld i go watch fireworks? anyone out there interested to spend a romantic night with me to watch fireworks? or shld i study hard at home for the nation? *ponder*

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