Sunday, July 27, 2003

today my aunt's daughter celebrating her 1st b'day! so fast she already 1 yr old liao... time realli flies....anyway went to aunt's house in the noon. first time i saw genny's husband and their dog. its a golden terrier! kawaii!! took a few shots with it but all no turn out well as sandy's camera has a time lag and when ever i thought that the shot was taken, it is actualli a 1 second lag and the pic turn out to be horrible... yup... its a nikon.....

then after that rush for the jap class gathering at one of the classmates's house at boon keng. so paiseh i was late for about 15 mins... and all of them are waiting for me! ok at least now i know that they are very punctual so next time i'll not be late if i go out with them. my classmate prepared quite alot of food for us, and all by herself alone! got jap curry, sushi, fried chicken, fried fish fillet, soba, miso, vege.... i eat till i blurr.... hahaha! the jap curry is realli nice. my teacher actually say tat the curry is the hottest grade liao! hmmm... jap realli cannot take hot and spicy food. to mi the curry is not even hot at all! hahahaa! we chat alot. eg we found out alot of one another.... this class is realli full of surprises! everyone has a very interesting background/life resume.... wow!! all of them are soooo interesting pple! hmmm... i guess i'm one of the more boring pple there.... realli need to enrich my life....

(btw my sensee mentions the following:
1. she no heard of ajisen ramen b4 in japan..... so its not tat famous in japan after all? all the pics on the menu are fake?
2. jap food in singapore is no good even though the price is abt the same as in japan! i believe she is referring to the common jap restaurants such as those food court jap food, sakae, genki, blah blah... )

i no buy the new phone. haizzzzz.... decided to give it amiss. anyway nowadays got quite a few promotions.... maybe i shld juz wait and see how....

btw here is a funny clips tat all should watch... ahhaha!

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