Wednesday, July 16, 2003

i think the result is really kelong.... i kinda cannot believe wat i saw on the computer screen.... yah my IA result is out... and i actually did not get a C.. nor a B.. but an A! i'm soooo surprised! all these while i've been telling my friends that i'll be happy that i can get a B as i think i did not perform well during my IA. also the supervisor and tutor doesn't seem to be impressed by my work..... i realli dunno why i got an A for it... maybe my tutor give it out of compassionate grounds as he feels that everyday i gota go to work in a refuse incineration plant, everyday breathe in smelly air, work in hot area, workplace so ulu, blah blah... hahahha.... anyway tats a good one for mi as the number of A's i have can be counted.....within one hand.... -____-""""

met my FYP tutors today. drill mi and hy with alot of theory.... actualli dun realli understand wat he tok abt, esp the formulas and derivations of equations... headache sia! sit down there listen and listen and listen for more than an hr b4 being released. got quite abit of resources to read again.... haizzzz.... luckily sch onli starts for mi on next thur, coz mon and wed classes cancelled due to freshmen welcome tea and flag day + tue i no class. thur i onli got one lecture so if i dun attend i'll start sch on fri instead! hahaa! can squeeze some time out for revision =D

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