Wednesday, June 25, 2003

went to eat satay at clarke quay satay club with a few friends from FP. didn't know tat they are referring to the clarke quay one as the first one i think of is the lau pat sat one. luckily i got confirm the place with them the day b4 if not then jialat liao!

anyway reach there at about 730pm and i haven't even warm the seat a reporter from lianhe zaobao came up and ask us (a group of 6) whether we wana be temp by posing we are eating the satay happily. the rewards is tat we will get free satay as compliments. since our objective is to eat satay so we dun mind helping out. hmmm the shooting took about 15mins. we have to act as though we are enjoying the food although onli still images were taken. the photographer keep on saying tat we are expressionless. aiyah how to act when we are not actors/actresses in the first place?

anyway the satay is not bad lah... maybe is bec i too long no eat satay liao. we ordered more satay on top of our 30 sticks of compliments + mee goreng + loti john. the loti john and mee are no good.... somemore is very ex. yucks... will not eat tat again.... but mi and my frens are not happy with the boss. he from start till we go keep on saying we are eating free satays of coz is happy. kaozzz!!! its not as though we come all the way to eat free satays! we juz happen to help him out to take the pics and he keeping on ranting tat we eat free satays. TMD!! we eat liao also not very happy... dun think i will go back again....

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