Monday, June 30, 2003

today went suntan! the sun is soooooo BIG and warm today! its been a week long of waiting to get suntan. hmmm.... i did not become very dark overnite but okie lah... got "abit" darker liao... i think go another 1 or 2 times i should get the color tat i wan =D one interesting thing i notice is that there is a 7-eleven under the palawan monorail station. quite big and spacious with alot of stuffs! gd lah now go palawan no need to big packet small packet go liao coz can buy there. of coz lah as usual, the price there is still higher than the good old ntuc/cold storage, but confirm is cheaper than the leeching stores there. i still remember there selling a can of coke for $2! kaozzz!! i'm expecting the shop to close down within 3 mths from now! hahahaa~~ another thing is now no more bus from sentosa to tiong bahru liao coz of the newly opened harbour front mrt. luckily i no take till tiong bahru there and get a shock on the "missing sentosa bus"! so for those who long time no go sentosa please take note huh! =D

after that went orchard to see see look look. bought a pair of beach berm... orange color! i saw another pair in dark grey wif nice flowering prints on it but i already got 2 blue color liao so the color looks abt the same thus i go for the orange one instead! also went zara to try out jeans and a top. the jeans not bad lah... after discount is $59.90. its rather soft + button-fly somemore! actualli i dun realli like button-fly, very troublesome when wana go toilet. hmmm... will go around see see first b4 making decision...

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