Tuesday, June 03, 2003

sunday is my first jap lesson. wahhh first day go there kena bombarded with soooooo many things!!! tat 3 hrs i'm learning 50 hiragana, all the numbers, sentence construction... still got homework somemore.... wahhhhhh blurr liao!!! =( juz learning the 50 hiragana i alreadi blurr liao. muz know how to pronounce, write in jap, how to spell.... so many how to memorise??? feel so demoralised. feel so stupid tat i cannot even do tat for 50 characters. my brain cells muz have died for the past few months of inactivity. i'm planning to memorise all 50 before wednesday so that i have time for the sentence constructions. need to revise if not sure forget when i go back this coming week.

actualli this class quite interesting. all very keen in learning. the sensei also not bad and quite cute looking too! =D the typical jap looking lady in her twenties i think. she make us practice new phases infront of everyone. dun realli feel comfortable at first but i guess to learn something is to use it and practice and doing it infront of the class is the best way to learn. hmmm... better get my stuffs known b4 i go back again...

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