Wednesday, June 04, 2003

okie... i managed to reach 40-on (on = japanese characters) by today.... still got 10 more to go.... but the next 10 are kinda repetitive so i think juz another 5 more... need to make sure all these 50 words are at my finger tips before thursday, so that i can revise those that were taught during the last lesson... stress..... but for the sake of my fees and interest i muz endure!!

todae so bored... nuttin much to do at work again.... and all my colleagues will ask mi "hey! still got how many more days left?" and i still gota reply "ohhhh still got 2 weeks + only..." maybe i should get myself a voice recorder so that i dun need to repeat myself almost everyday for so many times. worst thing is that these pple dun remember that they have asked the same old question before and again and again... they juz wana pick up a line and it seems that its the best one they can think of. kaozzz.... anyway not long b4 i leave tat place. now i'm starting to miss that place liao, juz like how i miss my army camp b4 i wana clear leave for my ORD. it salways sad to leave a place esp after such a long time there. maybe i'm those sentimental person. i always miss those things that brings mi memories...

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