Saturday, May 17, 2003

watch matrix reloaded. i think i'm expecting too much from this show tats y i'm rather disappointed after watching it. or maybe is that i'm too logical so i kinda cannot accept some new "stunts" introduced in this new episode.

as usual, the fighting scenes are realli very nicely done. cool action packed with great "bullet time", creating a very good visual treat. another part worth mentioning is the car chasing scene. the whole part of this scene is well paced with actions non stop. its also interesting to note how the camera is placed and the effect it creates during all the chasing as it simply adds thrills to it!

however, i'm disappointed with the "stunts". now the neo seems to be like a superman! he can fly now! there are various points in the show where he is flying around juz like a superman with the signature superman style by pointing his right fist out while he fly. i cannot quite accept this as it kinda make him lose the "human touch". so wat if he is the one? he shld still be kinda restricted so that there is limitations to wat he can do, so that he still need to use his wits to solve problems, instead of juz using flying.... other than tat, he can now even bring back trinity back to life but removing the bullet from her body by juz inserting his hand into her. i think it is kinda ridiculous to do it. wat makes it worst is that he can even insert his hand into trinity body and massage her heart so that she is back to life! wat bullshit... if he can do this y dun he do it in part 1 and save the other companions?

in the car chasing scene, esp when the black guy is fighting the agent on top of a container truck, it is quite obvious that the 2 guys are superimposed onto the the background. this is evident from the unmatch of color tone of the people and the background as well as the "outlines" of the people which is not tat obvious to the human eye.

in conclusion, i'm rather disappointed by this show. yah i knoe tat pple are making woooos and wahhhs abt it but i simply dun agree with them.


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