Tuesday, May 13, 2003

i'm down wif a cold. have been sneezy for the past 2 days. also got sore throat... i thought that i got fever as i'm feeling cold at work but when i come home take my temperature is only 36.8 degreeC. i dun wana fall sick leh coz i got a lot of things to be done... i'm lookign into my diet now. my lunch for the past 2 days at work has no chilli or fried food at all. in addition, i'm drinking water like there is no tomolo! (as wat army says: drink beyond the point of thirst) i even bought strepsils for the sore throat... i heard tat watermelon is good for sore throat. hmm.... i'll go get some tomolo!

i heard from my colleague that someone has come to my workplace to "remove" the kittens and cats! maybe its true as i did not see the little kitties for 2 days liao.... =( its sad that if this is the true as the kitties are realli cute. however, they are realli multiplying real fast! the 3 mother cats tat i see b4 all are having babies one after another! they must be controlled lah.... but still..... haizzzzzz....

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