Sunday, May 04, 2003

this is a pic of the 4 baby kitties! look at their blue eyes!

aiyah i realli tempted to buy the hp leh. somemore the singtel advertisement soooo BIG somemore! the 7250 going for only $364 at singtel shop. at my house here only $394 and i can get a extra charger and batt and pouch! all i need to go is to sign the $9.90 podlite plan for 2 years. yah although i'm carrying a m1 line but the 700 sms from the new line will be great also lor... its not a waste wat.... otherwise if i sign up m1 for upgrade i'll be paying 498... hmmm.... shld i wait? i'm realli worried that at an act of impulse i'll go and buy.... *confused*

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