Thursday, May 08, 2003

i saw this scene while i'm waiting for my transport to JP after work. its about a kitten and its mother (this is not the same kitten as in the pics...its the other family). the kitten was sitting by the side of the pavement and its mama appear. it looks so happy to see its mama and it quickly move towards it. however its mama did not even bother to stop for its child. instead, it gives off a few "grrrrrrr...!!!!", trying to tell the kitten to stay away from her. the kitten stop but still carry on to move closer to its mama. the mama cat gives off more "warning" to the kitty as it quickly moves away from it. why does this happen?

still got 7 weeks to go. haizzzz... time is getting harder to passby at my workplace. every morning i and my IA colleague will be sitting there like wood logs. after the morning briefing and after everyone leave for their jobs, we will still be sitting there, no idea on what to do for the day. no one seems to be interested in bringing us around for jobs anymore. maybe we are realli a burden to them as we are not able to solve the faults. furthermore, they still need to waste their time and saliva in explaining to us the nature of the fault and how to go about rectifying it. without us around they can do things much faster. haizzzz..... somemore got a stupid project to handle. i've to do a database using MS Access to sort out the frequency of the faults occuring. after 2 days of hardwork there still seems to be some glitches... dunno how to solve it.... i may have to seek "higher authority" soon... if not when the boss ask me about the progress i'll be in deep shit!

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