Thursday, May 29, 2003

sometimes i wonder if i'm in the matrix itself... or i'm the actor of the truman show...

every morning my alarm clock will wake mi up at 615am. afte which i'll go and brush my teeth, wash my face, eat my breakfast. then i'll change and step out of my house. when i'm waiting for the lift, my neighbour will surely appear w/o fail at the same time as mi. isn't this scene similiar to the truman show where jim carry always meet the twin brothers and will say "good morning!"?? after that i'll walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus 172. strange enough, the bus will usually arrive around the same time with the same driver. why is this so? is this pure coincidence? or its all the job of the actors and actresses?

when i reach boon lay interchange and walk along the corridor towards jurong point, the food stalls on both sides of the corridor are always busy with people. are these people part of the programs in the matrix? are the steaming hot food all 1s and 0s? what if they are all unreal? or are they actors also? how many cameras are pointing at mi now as i type all these? how many pairs of eyes ae looking at mi now?

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