Tuesday, April 01, 2003

quite an interesting incident i encountered this morning. i was on a bus to work and there is this civil defence guy sitting beside mi. i think my nose is sensitive to the dust and i can't help myself but to sneeze out. its realli a soft sneeze as i dun wan the whole bus to turn around and stare at mi, as though i got words "i'm a SARS carrier" written on my face. although i kept my "volume" to the minimum, and no one turn around to see who sneeze, but this guy beside mi got up from his seat almost immediately and switch to another adjacent seat. the funni thing is that within 5 seconds he sit on his new seat, the guy sitting dunno beside or behind him give out a few loud coughs! hahaha!! i think he muz be fooking "du lan"! hahaha!! change a seat but kena even worse pple around him.. heehee.... =)

got a guy from my plant kena 3 days MC. all are speculating and joking that he may kena SARS! although i know its just a joke lah, but if realli is the truth then i think the whole plant will kena as we work quite closely with each other.... *fingers crossed* =X

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