Sunday, March 30, 2003

first time i saw someone wearing a mask on the road! she is in her late thirties on her way back home i think after buying her groceries.. hmm... if this SARS thingy carries on for another month or so, i think many pple will start wearing masks, as wat the HKers are doing now. i'm not that paraniod about this illness. i know that it may be deadly, but i dun think its so easily contracted. as long as i avoid those places that are highly dangerous such as TTSH, airport, clinics, swimming pools i think it should be fine. are those carriers still that fit to go shopping?

juz now saw an auntie sneeze w/o covering her mouth. a guy was in her path. the guy saw the sneeze he immediately hold his newspaper to block his nose and mouth.. hahaha.. dunno if he got hold his breath anot. i think if i were him i'll hold my breath and may even go and wash my face...

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