Tuesday, March 25, 2003

my PLC project will has to end soon. this is because my manager has request my supervisor to let mi complete my current project soon so that i and my colleague can be involved in a new project given by him. i'll then pass my current project to a perm staff there to carry on with the hardware integration part. heard tat my new project is all about programming, which i think i'll hate it... duhzzzzz.... mi not strong in programming. realli hope that the project is something that i and my colleague can handle, coz our grades depend on it. *pray hard*

actualli wanted to give my class a thrashing coz i feel that some of them are not putting enough effort to do the assignments and homework given to them. they will juz sit down there and not ask any questions, even if they do not understand the question and tey got the answer wrong. i guess its our asian way of life. we will humble and sit down at a corner, not daring enough to ask any question, coz afraid that the classmates will laugh at us and the teacher mock at us. i'm guity of that too. still remember when i was young, i'll also zip up my mouth. no asking of questions even though i dun understand what the teacher is talking about. not onli i'm doing that, my frens too! hahaha... its a viscous cycle... at the end of the day, i did not scold them but interview them instead. got quite abot of feedback to improve on my way of teaching... =D

juz now i'm thinking of alot of things.... many things....

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