Wednesday, March 26, 2003

because of SARS, i think its ministry of education's first 2nd time (first time is for polio) that it ordered complete closure of all nursery, primary, secondary, pre-u and jc for 10 days! finally the govt feel that the epidemic is fatal after the death of one todae.... i think the students are over-whelmed! hahaha juz enjoyed a week holidae and there they are going for another 10 days of holidae! i think i'll be as happy as them too if i'm still at that stage. hmmm... but i'm disappointed with the parents. the news on tv actually interviewed some parents and the response from some of these parents makes mi wana puke. some say "actually the ministry shld not close the schools as my child's progress will be affected..." wah kaoz!! auntie ahh!!! all the schools close leh! so everyone will lag wat... u so worried for wat? anyway sure got remedial class mah... ask ur child to study at home lah! cannot make it leh... not scared of die but scared of cannot catch up on studies... wats this theory?

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