Saturday, September 26, 2009

the wedding heat

i can feel the wedding heat now. its not building up because its coming closer, nor is it that i have alot of things that seems to be still undone, but its the lack of time to do all of them! as much as i'll like to devote my weekends into the preparations, major international events coming up are taking my time away, even on weekends!! arrghh!! so far there are two of them and i can expect two of my weekends to be burnt... =/

luckily both families are not really particular about the tinny winny details of the ceremonial wedding and their excuse is "aiyah i dunno lah...". thats something pleasant to hear, and they better don't try to pull any last minute stunts or the relatives also don't try to add salt add vinegar by saying "why this no have? why that no have" ....

i'll be angry if they do.

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