Sunday, August 16, 2009

singapore bay run /army half marathon 2009

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Net Finish: 01:04:16.20

Category: 10KM MEN'S OPEN

Result in Gender (Men) - 945th place
(2611 finishers behind. About 27% of finishers ahead.)

Result in Division (MEN'S OPEN) - 754th place
(2137 finishers behind. About 26% of finishers ahead.)

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it was a good run for me as the weather is fair and i didn't stop and walk that often. i should be able to complete it within my goal of 60mins =)

i still thought that i cannot meet the timing as my training runs in the gym were about 27mins for 5km on average, and by then i'm almost dying.... =X

priced at $26 for 10km run, its really a 'budget' event. other than the bag counter and main water point which are commendable, the number of water points along the way are miserable. of coz the goodie bag and t-shirt are really disappointment..

will see again next year if its any better...

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