Wednesday, August 19, 2009

its that little motivation that kept my passion going..

3 months have passed since i started teaching in a classroom. as a way to improve myself, i requested the students to offer their honest feedback tusing evaluation f0rms about my teaching style and ways i can improve myself.

some of their positive comments:

"i think you are one of the best teacher i have ever seen. you are able to explain any questions, so that we can understand and do those maths questions. :)"

"i rate this trainer as excellent as he explains every questions very clearly and easier to understand."

"his explaination of the topics is very clear."


"he explains well, always going into details. when the students asked questions, he will always explain and even give questions to test if the student truly understand. lastly when the student keep asking the same question repeatedly, he will be patient and answer and explain."

of course, they do have some constructive feedback for me:

"need to give students more course material."

"he should use brighter colour markers for more important points."

"go through past years school exam papers."

"improve on maintaining the interest of students."

i'm just so happy being a teacher =)

p/s: perhaps i should reconsider my spf application if they still do not respond by end of the month?

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