Monday, August 24, 2009

finally, the long wait is over and spf here i come!

the two months of long long waiting has ended and i'm finally scheduled to join the spf. i'm glad that things are finally looking good for me as i look forward to commence on a new chapter of my life. life may not be easy ahead, but what had happened over the past few months had made me a much stronger person than before, and i'll certainly cherish this opportunity dearly.

well, just when i'm celebrating the good news, i suddenly feel that i need 48 hours a day. btw i only receive the notification on 24-aug, and i need to submit all the sureties details by 26-aug, and mind you they do have quite a few restrictions on the choice of sureties such as < 55 years old, earning at least $xxxx per month.. when that is done, i'll need to sign the LOA by 28-aug latest and commence training on 02-sep!! so many things to do within a week! besides that i still need to reschedule my tuition, private teaching, wedding stuffs.....

i'm going berserk!! X_x

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