Friday, August 28, 2009

11 years vs 8 months of friendship

just when i thought i've such a good friend for 11 years and i can depend on him when i needed his help this time round, maybe i was so wrong. i'm not blaming him for not helping me as it involves disclosure of some of his financial information, but his name is the very first one that came to my mind and i really thought that he will volunteer his help in view of our long friendship. however i waited for his reply but he did not reply till everything was over. i rather he tell me he is not comfortable or tell me he is overseas but not wait till everything is over then sms me..

instead, an ex-colleague of 8 months heard my calling and agreed to help without any hesitation. he has no obligation to help, considering that we have only known each other for 8 months but he thinks otherwise. really, i feel so indebted to him from today onwards..

well.. i still must say that i'm not angry with my friend, its just that i'm disappointed although i must agree that he can chooses not to help. nevertheless he is still a worthy friend to talk to and share my life details with..

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