Thursday, July 16, 2009

looking back, i don't remember being that compassionate when i was younger. of course it doesn't mean that i've an evil and stone heart and go around making life difficult for others. its just that when it comes to donation and volunteering, i just cannot associate it with me.

i attribute the changes to growing up, with maturity in thinking and understanding that although we are all living on this part of this world, we are not equal, and there are some that requires more help and assistance than the others. perhaps its also the tv programs that inspired me to do my little part for the community as well as the passerbys we see on the roads who really require our help. if we are able to help in every little ways, are we willing to offer our time and money?

i'm not saying that i'm doing a great deal in charity/community work. if i were to compare to many others i'm just a nobody and i'll certainly shy myself away by hiding at a corner. however charity and volunteering is not about what impact you have created, but its the effort and time and money you are willing to part, even if its little, it certainly will help someone out there.

with that as my motto and inspiration, i began my journey..

of course not everyone appreciates what you have done. many take it for granted. others assume you have hidden agendas by helping. i've faced that in the early months but i slowly begin to accept that and know why am i doing all these..

so if you are thinking of doing your bit, you may want to consider the following:

a) begin by contributing a little amount of money every month to a charity organisation of your choice. there are many who need financial help and just follow your heart. use giro, you will not feel the heart pain =)

b) if you will like to do more than just offering money help, you may like to offer your time by helping out as volunteers. its easy, just take the first step to enquire and you are on your way =)

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