Monday, July 13, 2009

just some random thoughts, if singaporeans are complaining about our 'world class transport system', what is actually wrong with it?

i mean singapore roads are very good so there is no complain about it. at least you don't find pit holes anywhere.. oh by the way we paid good taxes for them =)

but i do have reservations about buses and the trains and taxis.

buses are always very crowded and they are always full when you need them. and when you do not need them, one after another of empty buses will arrive. strange huh?

trains are getting overcrowded as well. with the unconsiderate people who rush in the trains before those who wanted to get out + those inconsiderate souls who blocked the train doors and do not allow people to alight, they are getting the nerves of me at times.. can't they just walk out of the train and stand by the side to allow people to alight first?

lastly is the taxis. i really do not know why taking taxi is becoming more and more expensive. in simple economics, the price is a result of demand and supply. so that that means that there are less taxis on the road, or are there more people who want to take taxis? or it is because its a parallel shift of the demand/supply surve upwards by the taxi operators as they charge sky high rental charges? i know that they are profit making organisations but does that help in making our public transportation better? look at hong kong where most people choose public transport over cars. of course one of the factors is very high car prices and maintenance costs, however their taxis remain very affordable. hence if we can learn from them and bring down the cost of taxis we certainly can lower the cost of taking taxis and encourage more ridership yah? by then even if you put in another 20% more taxis on the road i believe the pie is sufficient for the taxi drivers to survive as a whole and the ownership of cars will fall...

well, the above is just another random thoughts...

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