Wednesday, July 08, 2009

i got to watch my diet. tummy has not been feeling good since last friday when i had japanese food on thursday, and it got worst during the weekend when i had curry yong tao fu on saturday and curry rice on monday.

my worry is not about the food but because my weight has gone down 53+kg which is lower than my usual 55 - 58kg. best thing is i did not realise it till those friends whom i have not meet for a long time comment that i look thinner than before. i just remembered that 2 months ago i was still about 55 - 56kg. i attributed the weight loss to one month of not eating well as since june i did not have proper meals for lunch and dinner due to the need to rush for lessons and i ended up almost getting gastric pain.

of coz its not just the weight loss that cause all the anxiety in me as i've been visiting the toilet more often and also there is something more which i do not wish to disclose. i just hope that it isn't something serious as i'm contemplating to do a body checkup if this persists since the last one was conducted 2 years ago..

haizzz... just when one worry is gone, the other is coming.. =(

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