Monday, June 01, 2009

i was stilll very very sad on last tuesday when i thought i flunk an interview in the civil service. i mean based on past experiences, if i'm feeling that way means gone liao. worst thing was while i was still picking up myself from my sadness, the heavy rain rubbed salt to my open wound... *fast forward to last friday* i received an expected letter with unexpected contents. i passed the interview, and will be scheduled for the next!! soooooooooooo happy! i've cleared 2 stages, 2 more to go!

since then i've been in good mood + feeling good! yeah!

this morning i received an unexpected call from one of the companies i went for 2nd round of interview the other time. i also thought no chance liao but i was offered a position! overall package is not bad: 18days leave, confirmed AWS, health/dental coverage, 5 days week, 10% pay cut from my last pay but its acceptable, etc..

everything looks good and under normal circumstances i would have jumped into it but i hesitated for a moment. i asked myself if this is somewhere i'll work for the next 3-5 years as i no longer have any tokens to change job even if i don't like. on top of that, i learnt from the hiring manager about the situation he is facing in his department as well as the whole company, and it seems that it is in a similar one as one of my ex-companies: high turnover rate due to whatever reasons i can possibly imagine. if i can stay longer than the rest i'll climb very fast but is this where i want to be?

call me anything you want but i do visit the temple for directions. call it coincidence or simply act of faith, things really turn out the way as mentioned in the lot, even if i decided to go against/ignore it. don't believe can check back my posts 2 years ago as i think i wrote something about it. i so went to the temple again, especially i do not have a definite answer this time round..

my first question:
i got this job offer this morning, should i take it up?

the lot i drawn (no.66) and interpretation is BAD:
the road is narrow while the horse is lame. a pedestrian weary like a vanquished soldier who has lost his comrades. the most snapped and the ship wrecked. the sun darken flowers die, snow falls. best to do as you are doing now. be quiet and you experience peace. do not hope for good results. best to forget your problem.

ok.. i got it. so i asked my second question:
i'm currently doing part-time tutoring while hoping for the opportunity to join the civil service, else i'll make it full-time. what is your direction for me then?

the lot i drawn (no.14) and the interpretation is GOOD:
a stork upon being freed from captivity could fly to the four cordinal points, only the sky is the limit. one's thought is just as above. when one;s on a smooth road so is one's desire. so too, is a man of ease.

so what you think?

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