Monday, June 08, 2009

finally i have a taste of being a teacher.

being a private tutor is so different from being a teacher. as a private tutor i need to understand my subject very well so that i can guide the student to learn and improve. there is not much of classroom management skills required as its a one to one thing, and i can expect the student to be attentive naturally.

my very first class: 20 of them. almost all dropped-out from secondary school after their n-levels and will be taking o-levels this coming nov. being private candidates learning in a private school, they do not really have to observe the school rules. as such they come in and out of the class as and when they like. many will be having drinks with their mp3 player on hand. others will be smsing away or chatting happily with their counterparts. i'm not saying that they are not good just because they are private candidates. at least they bothered to register themselves and come to school i think thats a sign that they want a second chance, and i'll do my very best to help them in the subject i'm handling. most importantly is that from this encounter, i finally have a chance to fulfill one of my ambitions, ie to become a teacher. its really not easy to manage a class as that will take some time for me to adjust and come up with techniques to motivate them. give me the time and i should be able to do a good job. =)

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