Friday, May 15, 2009

another week has passed. time flies even faster when one is not working. don't believe?

12/05/09: UK MNC at joo koon
status: to be updated
nothing much to mention about this company except that there are 2 openings and the boss is a british. well.. they mentioned that they will come back to me lastest by next week.

13/05/09: police
status: 2nd round of interview
this is my second time trying for the senior police officer position, with the first in 2006. armed with prior experience i'm definitely doing a much better job then those new chicks who were here the first time. anyway the first round is a written test which doesn't give time think. i managed to finish about 54 out of 60 questions as compared to those around me who only managed to complete 20 to 30 of them. haha.. i dunno why but this time round i feel the confdence, a similar feeling which i have when i got my teaching position last year. lets see!

13/05/09: local SME at queens road
status: not considered
this time round its nothing wrong with the bosses, but i don't like it as its arranged by the company who is doing my outplacement program. the company just doesn't seems to be wanting to recruit but they just push me to them, probably just to achieve what they need to do and collect payment. damm!

14/05/09: local SME at toa payoh
status: 2nd round of interview
i think i must have convinced the project director so much so that after an hour of discussion, he on the spot decided to hire me and even wanted to call the hr manager over to talk with me! anyway i like the frankness of the project director as he openly shared with me that things are not that smooth going in the company and he warned me of issues and problems if i were to enter the company. i guess it will be something like one of the local SME i worked for previously and it will be very challenging to work in such an environment. i'll wait for their offer and see how it is. no matter what, my priority are still as follows: 1. police, 2. teacher.

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