Sunday, December 21, 2008

x'mas is around the corner and its a BIG headache hunting gifts for colleagues, friends, etc. i was hunting with mdm lau for the gifts along orchard and i actually came up with some really 'cool' ideas...

me: sianz leh... find so long still cannot find anything suitable..

mdm lau: yah lor.

me: *light bulb lights up - tink* i got very brilliant ideas! how about buying gifts that will make people remember you for the rest of their lives?? *evil grin*

mdm lau: huh? examples?

me: *pointing to frying pan* how about this?? sure useful!

mdm lau: -.-"

me: or how about those cooking utensils like spatula, whisk and a ladle? i bundle them up lah as a gift pack!

mdm lau: *blurrr*

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