Tuesday, December 09, 2008

there was an online discussion some time back about how much 'ang pao' aka red packet money to prepare when attending banquets and over the 'most popular chinese radio station' this discussion re-surfaced again. the listeners are sms-ing in to rant they 'lost' $5k to $20k as a result of such an 'unfortunate outcome for such a happy event". even the DJs are mocking people who 'gave only $50 to attend a wedding dinner at hilton".

i guess i'm in the best position to address this issue as my wedding dinner is next year. my stand is i'll NOT EXPECT OTHERS to foot MY bill of MY extravagant banquet dinner. i mean we should not EXPECT OTHERS to do something to what WE think right? just because we hold the wedding dinner at $1000 or $1500 per table doesn't mean that the others are EXPECTED to pay an equal share of it! so PLEASE don't complain if you lose money because others didn't give ang pao "to your expectations"!

we should not forget that invitation to wedding banquest is to share the JOY, not share the BURDEN...

by the way who ASSUMED again that wedding banquet is a money making 'business'??

know your limits people! if you cannot afford it, don't make your life miserable just for a night of glamour..

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