Sunday, October 26, 2008

my latest purchase: ck eternity summer (limited edition)!

i love fragrances that are fresh and i'm down to 3 choices:
a) ck eternity summer
b) davidoff silver arrow
c) clinique happy for men

after 10 mins of thought, i striked off option (b).

i chose ck because the fragrance is slightly stronger. anyway this 100ml is likely going to last me for the next 2 years so if you smell this fragrance when you are outside, i may be just around the corner =)

ohh.. this set me back by $105 and thankfully with my $60 robinsons voucher, i only need to pay $45 and it came with the following freebies:
a) davidoff aftershave balm
b) ck toiletteries pouch
c) ck card holder (for TWO cards only.. well done)
d) 4 x samples for various fragrances (2~3ml each)

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