Thursday, May 29, 2008

attended the teaching appointment briefing today.

nope, i did not sign on the dotted line on the spot. i took up their offer to consider for an additional 2 weeks. thank you.

main reason(s):

a. salary
the starting pay isn't really appealing. its similar to what i'm getting one year ago before my 'salary adjustment hike'. if i accept this means i'm back to where i started and it certainly sounds a bit stupid on my side, although i'm probably happier doing what i like. have wrote to the ministry's hr department for salary review and hope to receive their good news soon.

b. postgraduate degree
the starting salary only considers my bachelor degree but not my postgraduate degree. this makes me wonder whether they offered me a position because of my good performance during interview or my qualifications. if its the latter then i'm puzzled why isn't it being considered during salary computation? have wrote to the ministry also to clarify on this.

c. working experience
not sure how much does my 4 works of working experience worth... $80 per year? $100 per year?

ever realise that all the 3 points revolve around one important point?

yup... money aka $$$$...

when you have a housing loan that eats up almost all your cpf monthly, taking a pay cut is something that you will really need to consider very hard...

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