Tuesday, April 29, 2008

once upon a time a man is not happy with his life. he is stressed with his work, he is burdered with the material wants, he is striving to meet the demands of others..

so one day he went to a priest for advice. the priest said to him "go back, on your way pick up stones and throw it in the basket in your back."

he did what the priest said and pick up stones and throw them in the basket which he is carrying while on his way home. as he picks up a small stone, he felt the little weight but its still manageable. when he picked the big one, he can feel the burden and his steps become smaller.

he returned to the priest and the latter explained "the stones are things that you pick up along your life which you decide to keep and not to give up. as time goes by, you can feel the burden as you pick up more, even thou the process makes you tired as you continue your journey. why not give them up and free yourself?"

the above is a story which i read it somewhere and i retype them here based on what i remebered. i'm feeling tired.. perhaps its time i relook at my basket and give up some things so that i can free myself again..

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