Friday, April 04, 2008

just back from jakarta and seriously i'm very disappointed with the driver whom sent me to airport.

i passed IDR 20,000 to him to pay all the toll charges and after using it only half of them, he refused to give me back! nvm.. the cab fare is IDR 935,000 and i've no change so i handed him 1,000,000 he also don't want to return me any change!

really disappointing to know that such a person actually exist. maybe i've been living in singapore for too long thats why i feel unjustified when i'm treated that way in a foreign land and i can do nothing about it..

i feel that even if one is poor, one should earn the living honestly and not engage in such ugly practices. i'm not trying to be racist or what but really lor, so what if you pray to your God 5 times a day when you are out to cheat people of their money? in what way are you 'cleaner' than others?

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