Friday, March 14, 2008

ok.. let me present to you the much awaited "self-explained feng shui"..

before reading, please understand that all the analysis is based on my own perceptions, with no reference to any feng shui materials at all.. this also means that i may be 100% incorrect so please follow with caution. =D

let me also explain. in the following maps, you will see arrows with directions indicated. the arrow indicate the direction i'm facing while seated in the office, NOT the direction of the main office door or whatsoever..

my first company

direction faced: northeast
analysis: if i'm not wrong, i'm the only engineer there which my immediate supervisor dotes on. no problem with my work and so on.. pretty smooth sailing..

my second company

direction faced: north
analysis: all my immediate supervisors like me very much. i'm entrusted with many tasks which even the senior colleagues do not have the chance. very very smooth sailing..

my third company

direction faced: southwest
analysis: horrible! kena tekan till jialat jialat by my immediate supervisor. very unhappy working day right from day one.. its the start of my career down turn..

my current company

direction faced: northeast
analysis: my immediate superior is pretty easy going. however the colleagues are not all that helpful, especially from other departments. have problem with the MD twice although i'm only in my 3rd month here.. so sort of kena black list liao. haizzz... mentioned liao.. its the continuation of my career downfall since my last job.. wonder when it will end... =((

hence, i feel that my direction should be in the north.. the more i rotate in the clockwise direction, the more my career will have problem.. haha..

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