Tuesday, March 25, 2008

humans are interesting.

in the good old days where hunting is the way of survival, those who are brave and strong will be able to hunt for bigger and better preys to provide for the family; whereas those who are weaker in the art of hunting will probably have to settle for something smaller or other alternatives such as fruits and nuts.

as human evolve, things start to change. being brave and strong were no longer the essentials of better off. humans realise the fact that they want variety; having meat all day is boring, so why not have some fruits some of the days instead? hence they turn to trade and everyone seems to be better off as a result.

evolution doesn't stop there. humans think: why must i hunt when i can get someone to help me hunt? i'll give him something he wants while he gives me something in return? with the excess i can even exchange for more things with others! as a result, the birth of businesses and bosses which last till our time today...

this teaches us something: we need not be the best of the trade, so long as we can get someone better to do the job, we can simply shake leg at home...

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