Sunday, February 03, 2008

today is a black sunday.

小黑 and me were involved in an accident just hours ago at eunos. 小黑's left hand side was injured. thankfully me and my girl are ok.. no one was injured at the other end as well.

anyway i dun wish to talk about the details..

3 accidents within 2 years.. although not every incident is the fault of mine, but i'm sad and disappointed with myself still. is my driving really that bad? or is the road really such a dangerous place? or is it just plain bad luck of mine in the year of the PIG which its almost at the end liao i'm still being haunted by it? or is it my 小黑 is not that lucky after all? or is it that i'm just not destined to be a driver?

i dunno...

anyway 小黑 is about 2 years old.. perhaps its time i let him go before he reaches 3... i've fulfilled one of my dreams for the past 3 years and i think its enough..

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