Thursday, December 13, 2007

lets talk about smoking today...

we all have learnt from the tv, newspapers, school, family, friends, etc that smoking is no good. the risk is higher to get lung cancer, bad breath, etc etc..

but after working for more than 3 years, i'll like to suggest that smoking is actually having more pros than cons...

pro #1: networking
for those who are woking will know that smokers will usually not smoke alone. smokers are creatures that are afraid of being lonely, hence they will usually gather a few of the same 'gang' for a puff, and they will in-turn begin their 'networking' session. from the soccer match last night to the politics in office on which boss has bedded with which 'chick'... on top of the same 'gang', they will also 'socialise' with smokers who they see often, by offering to light up their cigis to offering a cigi to someone who 'forgot' to bring theirs. ta-dah!! the 'network' becomes bigger and bigger and bigger! if your boss is a smoker, you will be able to interact with him more than your colleagues and that means higher exposure!! so isn't smoking one of the best ways to 'socialise' and 'network' and 'curry favour' aka 'poh your boss'?

pro #2: time off
i dunno is it stated in the letter of appointment or under which clause of the ministry of manpower's regulations that smokers have the 'privilege' to 'take a break as and when they need' for their puffs. and usually they don't smoke and go back work you know, as explained above they need to 'network' so each puff can last for 10 ~ 20mins! imagine that this particular smoker needs to puff every 2 hours and each time last 15mins, he/she will be working an hour less per day than the others, and it seems to be an acceptable practice everywhere! however, if you look at those non-smokers, they will be classified as trying to be 'singapore idle' if they go for a 10mins coffee break.. ha!

pro #3: myth of slimming
its a myth that smoking can improve metabolism, hence keeping one slim. i'm not so sure of the level of truth in it, but isn;t that great to keep in shape with such a simple activity? its better than going for a 10k run everyday right?

pro #4: lower chance of health problems
its reported that taking in second hand smoke is actually more harmful than taking in first hand smoke. so isn't it better to be the one producing the smoke? you decide.

so are you convinced that smoking is actually better than not smoking? ha!

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